I’ve been promising myself I’d start this blog for years, and am finally deciding to make it so. A few things are prompting this…

  1. I’m a year and a half into my position as the Director of Technology at an amazing international school in Quito, Ecuador. I had intended this be something I do from day one, document my experience so that I can share and reflect. Better late than never.  I think I was stuck on the idea that it needed to be a masterpiece of writing every single time.
  2. I was reminded of the importance of producing a large body of work to fail often, to try and try again, to let my abilities catch up with my tastes, to ship product.
  3. I feel in my role as Director, it’s an important way to communicate my thinking with our community, teachers and parents in particular, but students as well.  It will help me to share important ideas, most of them not my own, but maybe a few gems I might claim in the future, about technology and education
  4. I was reminded by Silvia Tolisano of the importance of what I intended on doing a year and a half ago – documenting, reflecting, and sharing my work.

It’s been a busy and emotional week.  It’s been an important week.  It’s been a great week.


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